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Why Should I shred my documents & how will it help?

Document shredding is often overlooked and extremely important when it comes to the safety of your identity. Although old documents may seem worthless to you and harmless if they are obtained by another party – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Data breaches are more common than ever, and regardless of whether you’re a business or just an individual, document shredding will help to keep your data safe and your information private.

Clearing Space

Paper clutter is among the most anxiety inducing types of disorganization. Not only is it impractical, it’s also an eye sore. Life In A Box can help you to keep your home or office tidy and clutter-free. Helping you to be more productive and have extra desk or counter space for things that really matter.

Legal Requirements For Businesses

Depending on your business type, you could be legally obligated to shred all documents containing sensitive information about your clients or staff members. Paper copies of data will be more easily accessible than information stored in secured databases. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure these documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.

If you do have a legal obligation to shred sensitive documents and you fail to comply – you may be heavily fined. Moreover, if there is a breach and it is traced to your company, civil suits may be filed.

Preventing Identity Fraud

Any documents with personal details on them can be used by someone to steal an identity. If you don’t shred documents before disposing of them – identity thieves can procure these documents and use information to do a multitude of things:

  • Sign up for credit cards in your name
  • Take out small loans
  • Subscribe to expensive services
  • Obtain passports

You may be thinking “who is going to dumpster dive for personal information?”, but you would be surprised how often this happens.

Proper document disposal is an eco-friendly practice

Shredding your documents means less waste is sent to the landfill. Landfills pollute our land, sky and water. At Life In A Box we firmly believe in putting our environment first – thus we recycle all of our shredded documents to lower our companies footprint and lead by example with our practices.

Saving Time

Lastly, our shredding services will greatly aid in productivity by allowing you to focus on managing your business, home, or just creating extra space and time for the things that really matter. Clutter is not only anxiety inducing, but it can drop productivity and make an otherwise clean space look unkempt.