Why was Life In A Box Started?

I had the idea for Life In A Box a couple of years prior to officially making it an LLC in January of 2018.  It took me some time to develop the concept and even gain the courage to declare that I started my own company (given that I have been involved in other ventures in the past) and make sure that this was it!  I was not willing to go through the steps to create my LLC just to not have any direction or path to follow.

I absolutely LOVE people and have a passion for teaching so now it is time to funnel that and really make a difference in the lives of the American home.  So many folks are mis-informed about what they need or what they don’t need and I am here as a support and an advocate for you!  The goal and mission with Life In A Box is to connect you with as many resources as possible to help you on your journey.  I help light the fire by meeting with you individually or having you attend a workshop.  You pay for the materials and I walk you through how to fill it up with documents and information that applies to you and your family.

Do you feel prepared for all that life has for you?  Are papers piling up and you are struggling to find what you need , when you need it?  This workshop is designed with you and your family in mind, to get you organized AND prepared!  Taking the time to attend or host a workshop will be just what you or someone you know will need to motivate them and assist them on having the necessary conversations and guidance in order to complete these seemingly overwhelming tasks. 

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