Heather Doney, Owner & Founder of Life In A Box LLC.

My method? Well, I am not a lawyer ,a CPA or a financial advisor… so what do I even do?   I connect families and individuals with the resources necessary to complete these VERY NECESSARY objectives. 

I am the organizer!  I am the one sitting with you at your home or at a coffee shop listening to you while you share the story about some relative that went off the deep end when a family member passed because there was no will or preparations for a funeral. 

I listen to your family success stories about when everything was planned ahead of time things were a lot less stressful.  I help you and your family get organized and link you to important resources to get thing properly prepared. You can look to me for accountability to help you get these things done.  I will even help you sort through what can feel like the Mt. Everest of paperwork.

Why i started life in a box

Miracle Worker…

Heather with Life In A Box changed my life. I had a million different files for my business, my will, insurance policies, cars I own and more. She took it one step at a time. Created a game plan and had my life completely organized inside of my “box”. I now know where everything is located because it is labeled and organized exactly how I need it. We put my important documents that I use more often than the other up in the front so they’re right on hand. Heather, you’re a miracle worker. Thank you so much.

Jackie A.



Frequently Asked Questions?

How often are workshops?

Workshops are 1 to 2 times per month. If you don’t see a workshop event posted that works with your schedule. Please reach out to me so I can set something up for you to work 1 on 1. 

Can you Notarize my documents Today?

I would love to assist you with your mobile notary needs. If you request my services before 1PM I can usually complete a notarization that same day. The best way to schedule a notary signing would be by contacting me through my website or calling me directly!

I bought A Binder, Now what?

If you went ahead and already purchased a Binder. I will reach out to you using the information in your account on my website. I will email you and setup a time to discuss and or meet depending on your location. I would recommend having 30-60 minutes available for the phone call after the initial call.