About Life In A Box

Heather Doney, Owner & Founder of Life In A Box LLC.

Why did I start Life In A Box:

I had the idea for Life In A Box a couple of years prior to officially making it an LLC in January of 2018.  It took me some time to develop the concept and even gain the courage to declare that I started my own company (given that I have been involved in other ventures in the past) and make sure that this was it!  I was not willing to go through the steps to create my LLC just to not have any direction or path to follow.

I absolutely LOVE people and have a passion for teaching so now it is time to funnel that and really make a difference in the lives of the American home.  So many folks are mis-informed about what they need or what they don’t need and I am here as a support and an advocate for you!  The goal and mission with Life In A Box is to connect you with as many resources as possible to help you on your journey.  I help light the fire by meeting with you individually or having you attend a workshop.  You pay for the materials and I walk you through how to fill it up with documents and information that applies to you and your family.

Background information on Me, Heather Doney.

I grew up in a family of teachers and it has always been a passion and something I have been pretty good at.  I started in 2000 teaching middle school Physical Education and I LOVED it!  In 2006 I chose to leave teaching to pursue life as a full-time mom! 

I am currently an active substitute teacher (which is perfect to get my teaching fix) and that allows me the flexibility to still be fully involved in what my family is doing. 

While the years went by as a full-time mom, I knew I was made for more and I tried lots and lots of different ventures ranging from being a personal trainer, working for a greeting card company and just a few MLM companies which all kept me busy and satisfied my need to remain social and active in the community but STILL there was something missing. 

I was introduced to the world of Insurance in 2015 just a couple of years after we moved to Florida and there I was super excited, and ready to get my license!  So I did!  I found a company that took me in and I started working as a 1099 contractor.  I sat across just a few kitchen tables making insurance sales presentations before it really hit me…… The MAJORITY of American families are not only under insured BUT they have no idea where the majority of their life documents are located, if they have them or what they are.  Being of a teaching background that was just not acceptable.  So I began journaling about some of the experiences and stories.  I “interviewed” some close friends about how they were taught about money and their experiences with life and death within their families.  The results lead me to creating Life in A Box!  I can not in good conscience allow families to continue on without having at the very least the information, a simple place (like the binder) and local resources  to help them get their affairs in order.

My method? Well I am not a lawyer or a CPA or a financial advisor so what do I even do?  Well I connect families and individuals with the resources necessary to complete these VERY NECESSARY objectives.  I am the organizer!  I am the one sitting with you at your home or at a coffee shop listening to you while you share the story about some relative that went off the deep end when a family member passed because there was no will or preparations for a funeral.  I am someone you can look to for accountability to help you get these things done.  I will even help you sort through what can feel like the Mt. Everest of paperwork.

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